• Access to FACEM-led care

    Our Australian qualified specialist emergency doctors provide back-up and support during times when critical access to emergency specialist doctors is needed.

  • Medical Assistance 24/7/365

    Provide emergency medicine assistance no matter the day or time via telemedicine. On-site staff can access consultations with emergency specialists within minutes. 

  • Reduce staff stress and uncertainty

    FACEM On-Demand increases the level of support for, and experience gained by, on-site staff, increasing satisfaction and reducing stress.

  • Staff and capacity to help at any time

    Supporting operational efficiencies by helping on-duty staff in times of staff shortages and during unexpected peaks in patient presentations.  

FACEM On-Demand works with the needs of your facilities.

Do you need:

  • support for clinical teams in the treatment and diagnosis of emergency presentations where no medical staff are available?
  • to provide senior support and decision making where no senior medical staff are available for the emergency?
  • support for less experienced clinical and medical teams to perform procedures?
  • to augment the pool of senior medical staff that can assist in emergency consults?

With FACEM On-Demand your staff get rapid access to Australian qualified specialist emergency doctors. They will have the back-up and support needed, for when the correct critical care decisions must be made.



FACEM on Demand

$20K for
90 day access

Receive up to



  • Sharon

    Director of
    Clinical Services
    and Nursing
    Corryong Health

  • As the most senior emergency doctors, our consulting emergency physicians at My Emergency Doctor are trained to make important critical decisions and follow robust clinical governance procedures to ensure highest quality clinical care to enhance the overall patient experience.